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2008/2009    Theresa Brosge

Halloween Party


   Last Friday we celebrated the „dušičkový večirek“ in our youth club ZVONICE. Weeks before we had started to make the decorations, for example paper-skelletons, masks and a pumpkin.

Friday we arrived at 3 pm and decorated the room. Some children already came to help and went to buy food and drinks.

The real party started at about 6 pm. I had not expected so many children! We were more than 35 and even almost everybody had fancy dress!Yes, the costumes were spectacular. Witches, devils,mummies and scary white and black faces.The mood soon was very merry. Max and Pepe, two 20-year-old boys who used to come here when they were younger, were the DJs. The music animated us to dance. We made some competitions which where a lot of  fun and quite thrilling. Some kids are very talented in singing, dancing and beat box!!

In the end, at about 11 pm most of the children went home and we, who were still there, were really hungry. The crisps had been finished very early. So we prepared food of what we found in the shelf – pasta with cinamon and sugar :)

After cleaning the big mess, about 9 children stayed here with their sleeping bags. It was not easy to sleep because everybody was still excited...

All in all I was just happy and surprised in a good way. So many guests, so good costumes, so much fun!! I had never seen before that children between 6 and 15 had so nice parties together and even danced. I hope we will soon have the opportunity to party like this again!


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 I am Theresa, 20 yeears old, and the new volunteer in „NZDM ZVONICE“.

I just started a month ago and could already participace a very funny weekend tip: rafting!

 On Friday we met in český Brod and while Jarda took all aour bags in the car, six young people and I took the train to Kolin. These guys are between 11 and 20 years old and really nice and responsible. In the train (a very old and in my opinion beautiful train) from Kolin to our destiny we played card games with Jarda who had joined us again. Moreover I enjoyed the nice view out of the windows – we were kind of going far away from any civilisation J

 At about 4 pm we arrived in                        . A beautiful kastle cought my attention immediately but jarda sister was already waiting with the boats so we pumped them up and started the trip on the little river.

 I tis so much fun to paddle down the stream with a nice crew…sometimes we were stuck because the water was low and we could not ovoid all the stones.

Also a little water figur cause a lot of lauhghter althought it was mainly the boat I was in which was drained by Jarda …

 Well, suddenlly we were by the little house where we stayed. A GREAT PLACE! The forest behind, the water in the front and a fire place. What else do you want?

Martina, the owner of this cottage with her dog „Pako“  was so nice to cook us a hot tea and show us girls the beds. The boys somehow preferred sleeping in a tent.

We spent the evening rožnili sausages it the fire, telling us stories and just enjoying that not too cold september night.

The Saturday was a great day, too. After sleeping enough all of us met outsider, took breakefast and some of us even took a bath in the „refreshing“ (or rather freezing) water. It was a nicve sunny day, the mood was good. The two boys were so nice to cook us lunch- delicious pasta J Then we decided to walk back to the castle. About 6 kilometers. I can not tell all the funny moments we had on this walk. We participated a guided tour that I could not understand because my Czech is still not good but I appreciate that Jarda and also the others explained me some things in English or even with hands and feet.

 We went back to the cottage again in the rafts. This time a bit faster than the previous day because it was getting dark. It was nice for me to become a part of the group, to get to knot everyone a bit closer and to just laugh about many little things.Some of us spent the evening at the fire again, others decided to slep early after a tiring day.

On Sunday we got up and slowly cleaned the boats and the house and two of us rowed over the river to put all the bags in the car.When everything was ready at maybe 2 pm we walked back to a cave we had discovered the day efore. This time we had our equippment – the torches J and went inside the rock, I can not tell how far. That was exciting!

 We took the train back to Kolin together with Martina and in česky Brod, at about 7 pm when we met Jarda outside „ZVONICE“, it was time to say „good bye“.

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2007/2008    Lisa Schneider  














2006/2007    Johanna Simonsen



Leccos is a small local non-governmental organisation, which was founded in 2000.

In the begining several young people of cesky brod had the idea to reconstruct an old belfry next to the church in the park of cesky brod. They thought, if they could make this little house into a place for people to meet and hang out it would bring new life into the small park where at that time lingered drug-addicts and some children in the boring afternoons.

So when the reconstruction-work was finished, the people invited the children, which were mainly Roma, to play and continually the afternoons became interesting for both- the children and the adults. Gradually more children and adults joined in.


Some of the people founding leccos had small kids, which is why they also started to use the place in the mornings.

Parents with their small children came, so that they could meet other parents and their kids could play together.

From these days the organisation grew bigger every year. And it now consits of these three parts:



Zvonice is the youth club for children and teenagers in the former belfry.

It provides activities like dancing, drawing, arts, singing, playing games or sport activities. The club is opened Monday till Friday in the afternoon hours. Also different trips and weekend stay outs are planned together.



Kosticka is the name of the mothers center, which last year moved out of the former belfry, and now got its own building. (The former belfry is now only used for the youth club.)

In Kosticka there are programs for parents having parental leave supporting their social contacts and their children from 0-4 years to help their development.

For example there are keramic courses for parents as well as for the children and early english lessons for children of different age groups.


Public Programs

The third part are special events in which both children from the youth club and the parental center take part in.



Zvonice is open for everyone.

Everyone who wants to come and spend their afternoon is welcome.

Though most of the kids who go there are between 6 and 19 years old. However the parents of two of our kids also regullary spend time at the youth club.

Most of the children are Roma or from socially low conditioned families.